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His girlfriend has to go run a few errands so this young guy takes a shower. When he gets out her stepmom is waiting with her huge tits for him! She insists on drying off his cock, but soon her mouth is on it. Does he protest? Fuck no! He says oh yes mommy and lets her suck his dick until she takes him to the bedroom when, oh no! His girlfriend shows up!  She gets asked to join and she says ohyesmommy. This stepmom wants to see her daughter’s boyfriend fuck her hard and fuck her he does, but she wants her stepmom to have some fun too so he fucks her in the ass like no tomorrow!

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Stepmom and daughter may be sunbathing together, but they can’t help but talk about one another’s tits. Talking leads to touching and soon these two blonde ladies are feeling frisky. When the daughters booty call wants to come over the girls ask if he is up for a threesome and he says ohyesmommy to both. Lucky boy gets his dick and balls sucked so hard, and then he gets the pleasure of fucking both of these ladies and their fine tits! He wants to fuck them both so hard but when the mom bends over and asks him to fuck her ass he says oh yes mommy and starts to fuck her mom’s asshole while she watches him from behind!

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This young nerdy chick has been banging her tutor for a while, but today she wants a new lesson. She wants her tutor to teach her boyfriend how to really fuck her. When he shows up they have already started playing with each other’s pussies, oh yes mommy! He jumps in and starts fucking her tutor hard, but this lesson is about learning how to pleasure her. So she bends over and takes his cock while sucking her tutors clit all at the same time. She cums so hard while she is tasting that pussy that she can’t help but moan ohyesmommy and beg for more and more, but he has to cum sooner or later and winds up getting it all over both ladies!


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